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Our recruitment and employment agency has been operating since 2016 in the Netherlands. At the beginning of this year, Tech - Plus BV only worked in Amsterdam, but with the development and growth of market demand, we also started cooperating with companies in Rotterdam, Ijjselstein, Schiedam, Tillburg, Almere and Nieuw Vennep. We mainly operate in technical industries (electrician, plumber, mechanic, fitter, carpenter, welder, etc.) and production industries (forklift operator, work on production belt, packaging, preparation of constructions for painting, etc.)

We approach each client individually, considering his needs. Trough to good contact and flexibility with our clients, we provide an easy and pleasant work environment for both parties which results in effective work. Our goal and priority is good communication with the client and individual approach. We place emphasis on the high efficiency, quality and reliability of cooperation, which makes for a better and more effective work environment .Regular contact with the client and employee allows us to monitor the quality of cooperation and the needs of both parties. We are flexible and open to any suggestions. Our consultants are appropriately qualified and have many years of experience, that translates into customer satisfaction. They are gaining knowledge of their candidates. They learn their work history, qualifications, skills, experience, availability and ambitions and priorities. This way we select the right employees and our customer is gaining time. We employ and train the appropriate personnel for the customer's needs. Our employees are provided with accommodation in good conditions, and transport get to and from work. Employees receive a contract in the Dutch-Polish language in accordance with the CAO, and weekly salaries, and the customer receives a weekly invoice. If necessary, we help employees in completing the necessary documents to start up work in the Netherlands (BSN, insurance, bank account, etc.). All formalities are handled and organized by us. We are characterized by good communication, time, punctuality, flexibility and price.